Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I invoke Fan Calculator from python under botzone runtime environment?
    A: Botzone comes with a Fan Calculator library, which can be invoked by using "from MahjongGB import MahjongFanCalculator". Please refer here for details.

  2. Q1: Can I include headers from mahjong-algorithm in C++ under botzone runtime environment?
    A1: Files from mahjong-algorithm are embedded in botzone runtime environment under MahjongGB directory. As examples, you can write something as the following:
     #include "MahjongGB/fan_calculator.cpp"
    #include "MahjongGB/shanten.cpp"
    Q2: I noticed that MahjongGB actually included shanten library; however, functions cannot be invoked.
    A2: Those libraries are dynamically linked, not compiled together.

  3. Q: I want to know the compile command for C++ programs in botzone runtime environment.
    A: These flags are enabled for compilation.
     g++-7 -D_BOTZONE_ONLINE -D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 -O2 -Wall -mavx -std=c++1z

  4. Q: How to upload and compile multipled files?
    A: To upload multiple files in C++, please refer here。 However, this storage space is used during runtime, not compile time.

  5. Q: What operating system is used in botzone runtime environment?
    A: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit.

Competition Prizes
Rank Prize
Champion $5,000
Runner-up $3,000
3rd - 4th place $1,000
5th - 16th place Delicate gifts

The rules we adopt in this competition is Mahjong Competition Rules.

Click here to learn about detailed input/output protocol of Mahjong bots.
View source code of Mahjong judge program and the FanCalculator library for Mahjong scoring rule.
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